How to Make a Rattlesnake Knot (Paracord) Key Fob by TIAT

In der Kriese vorbereitet sein…So geht’s Richtig!

Those of you who follow my weekly videos know, lately, I've been focusing on people, places, and things that inspire my ties. In the spirit of that process, I plan on providing you all with a very special treat. Your first hint: It's an interview with a person every single one of us knows. Second hint: I'm flying out to Georgia early tomorrow morning. So I won't be able to provide an instructional video this week. In light of this fact I'm giving you something else, instead. It's a series of images I've had for some time now, but haven't had an opportunity to share. They're associated with step-by-step instructions I was originally planning to add in my forthcoming book, "Paracord Project Inspirations." But on account of the review and editing process…these instructions "hit the cutting room floor." That is, they were cut from the book. Rather than simply let them go unseen…I present them to you now. Note: Instructions for the 2-Strand Diamond Knot can be seen in most of my over 300 instructional videos. So, should you need to see how this knot is tied, check out one of them. Best to you all, and keep tying! Now, my muse (Kristen) and I, need to pack our bags for Georgia!

Genre: Paracord Key Fob
By: Tying It All Together
Design: JD Lenzen

How to Make a Rattlesnake Knot (Paracord) Key Fob by TIAT

About the Author Parfle

Der Paracord-Verflechter. Hier findest Du mein Google+ Profil. Früher schon mal als Leidenschaft entdeckt, ist diese schöne Abwechslung zum Alltag zu einem neuen Hobby geworden. Das Paracord Knoten nach Anleitung ist durch seine Farbvielfalt und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten so einzigartig geworden, dass es mich geradezu mitgerissen hat. So bin ich zu meiner neuen Leidenschaft gekommen.

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